The process of creating a portrait is very personal to me. It requires long hours of concentration on the subtle features and emotions that make someone who they are. I think there is something that transcends material things when a persons' character is captured on paper.  When this is accomplished effectively the emotional response can be overwhelming and truly amazing. ​​

The two most common mediums I use for my artwork is pencil and acrylic paint​​. These are what I am most comfortable using, but I am more than capable of using any medium a client requests.
Other than portraits, I can paint landscapes or anything else you can dream of​.

These paintings can be fully customized. People, objects, pets, and more can be added and spliced from any number of photos. If you are interested in a portrait or painting, just send an idea of what you are looking for. The more detailed you are the better. You can attach a reference photo, or photos via email including the estimated size you are looking for. Also please remember this process can take time so please keep this in mind if there are any deadlines. Feel free to e-mail me at with any questions and to get a free quote. You can also send me a message in the form below. Thank you.
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