In between painting and drawing I like to tinker with more hands on projects. I have done some woodworking, sign making, some tile work including mosaics, and also a little finish work. I tend to explore these other mediums with personal projects but have done some work for commission. I am interested at this time to pursue available jobs of the types stated above. So if you have a need for any of these services feel free to contact me for  a free quote at or in the form below
This was a roof for a LED sign. The main component was created with 1" pine boards and 5/8th's finish plywood. The underlying frame are 2x4's. The larger letters were drawn and with a band saw cut from pine board. The smaller letters were cut from 1/2" plywood. It is fastened together with counter sunk stainless steel screws and Liquid Nail.  Lastly it got a few coats of exterior Oil based paint. 
This was a Letterbox that was created to mimic the aesthetics of an old ballot box. It was created with pine boards and furnished with real and cardboard hardware that was given an aged appearance with glue aluminum foil and stain. 
This was a closet door created for a bathroom. It was made from Pine and poplar and the main portion was fastened with carriage bolts. I then used a propane torch to distress the door along with using a hammer to create imperfection.
These were my first tile jobs. The F in the center of the left image was cut free hand with a 4" grinder from a ceramic tile. The image on the right is a bathroom tile job done in tavertine.​

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